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Eligibility for a .au direct domain name

Category: Domain Names

A .au direct domain name is open to a wide range of potential registrants, covering the breadth of eligibility requirements on all existing .au TLD’s. If you can provide evidence of having an Australian presence, then you should be eligible to apply.

This allows any valid licence holder in the existing .au namespaces to apply for their matching .au direct domain name according to their assigned Priority Category during the Priority Application period. It also makes it as open as possible for new registrants looking to register a .au domain name.

.au direct also offers new eligibility criteria to provide an Australian license or passport holder with the ability to obtain a .au direct domain name under their own Australian Presence, although this would be on an opt-in basis only. If this option is made available, we will be advising our partners of this change.

If you wish to review the full policy on registering .au domains, or for further clarification on any point mentioned above, please refer to the auDA Domain Administration Rules and Licensing document.


Where identification is provided, such as an ABN, ACN or documentation like a Driver’s Licence or Passport, it must be valid and active; cancelled and/or expired entities or documents will not be accepted.

The process of registering an available .au direct domain name will be subject to verification and approval of the information provided to our team as part of the order, which may result in a short delay. There is no guarantee that the name will be licensed until it can be managed with your partner account.

You can review auDA policies and information about this new TLD here.

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