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Launch of .au direct

Category: Domain Names

The .au Domain Administration(auDA) has officially announced the launch of direct .au registration, a new namespace for all Australians on 24 March 2022.

The launch of .au direct means Synergy Wholesale will be able to provide partners with domain names registrations directly before the .au (eg.

It is important to note that .au direct is optional and will not affect any existing .au domain names.

Eligibility for all in Australia

Any business, association and individual with a local connection to Australia is eligible to register a .au direct name through Synergy Wholesale.

Priority Allocation Process

Overview of the .au direct Priority Allocation Process.

Registrants with an existing .au domain name/license (eg. a registrant who holds will have the first opportunity to register the exact match of their existing domain name at the direct level (eg. through the Priority Allocation Process.

auDA has confirmed that exact matches of all names in the Australian registry prior to the launch of the new namespace will be reserved for .au direct during the six-month Priority Allocation Period, beginning in March 2022.

In the event more than one registrant is eligible to apply for Priority Status for the same .au name, the name will be allocated according to priority categories, which will be determined by:

  • Creation date of the existing domain name
  • The Priority cut-off date of 4 February 2018, as outlined in auDA’s Priority Allocation Process.

How do I get more information about .au?

  • auDA has prepared a fact sheet with information about the new namespace and the Priority Allocation period.
  • Over the coming months, we will provide partners with more information on eligibility and priority allocation, and exactly how .au registrations will look through the Synergy Wholesale Management System.
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