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On 27 June 2019 cPanel announced a new account-based pricing and licensing structure to all partners and customers. Previously, licensing costs for cPanel was a flat fee for unlimited accounts on a per server basis. The new model includes multiple tiers based on the number of accounts per server with cPanel’s aim being to provide greater transparency on pricing across providers. In reality, however, this new pricing structure is a very extreme increase compared to previous costs, hitting hard for shared hosting providers globally.

In order to offset the new cPanel licensing fees we are required to increase the price of all individual cPanel hosting services by 15 cents per service. This change will be implemented automatically for any new and existing services from 1 October 2019 onwards. Any partners with active hosting services were notified of this change via email on 26 August 2019.

We are committed to continue building and supporting Australia’s leading wholesale shared hosting platforms through Synergy Wholesale. If you have any questions related to these changes we invite you to contact our management team directly via email to

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