Domain Registrar module

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About the advanced synchronisation functionality

WHMCS includes built-in functionality to ensure domain names in your WHMCS installation have correct expiration information, and provides functionality to monitor incoming transfers and update these records upon completion of the transfer.

Upgrading from the old VentraIP Wholesale WHMCS module

As v1.9.2 of the WHMCS Domain Registrar module has been updated and will appear as a separate Registrar in your WHMCS installation. As such, existing records will need to be updated to point to the new Registrar module in order for those domain names to be managed including updating your Auto Registration settings (in the event they are configured) so that any new registrations are processed by the new module. Included in v1.9.2 is a update sequence that will update all records in your WHMCS installation that reference the Registrar of ‘Ventraip’ to point to the new module and (if configured) your Auto Registration setting will be set to the new module.