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Customising your hosting view options

Category: Web Hosting

Using the Synergy Wholesale Management System, partners can customise their hosting management view at any time by navigating to the ‘Hosting View Options’ page of your account –

Customising your hosting view will simplify access to the tools and information that is important to you.

You can choose from the following items to display when managing your hosting services:

Hosting View Options

  • cPanel Username
  • Service Details
    • This will list the hosting package you have allocated to the hosting service, and it will also display the allocations of your hosting package supplies for your hosting service when you hover over this field.
  • Server
  • Server IP Address
  • Disk Usage
    • This will display your disk usage in realtime as well as your disk allocation
  • RAM Allocation
  • CPU Allocation
  • WordPress Toolkit
  • Renewal Date
  • Due Date
  • Price/Renewal
  • cPanel Login Button

NOTE: The Synergy Wholesale Management System will enable you to display up to 6 different items at once. 2 items are required by default. The remaining 4 can be customised to your needs with the above available options.


Hosting View Examples
Hosting Management Page
Hosting Managment View 2

Hovering over your plan name within the Service Collum will list the monthly plan cost and allocations you have placed on the plan.


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