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Does Synergy Wholesale take backups of my cPanel hosting accounts?

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On all of our new hosting plans backups are taken automatically by an application named “Acronis”, This stores recovery points for your services as far back as 30 days. These backups are stored on an external server so that they are fully redundant. These backups do not contribute to the cPanel user’s Disk Space usage.

Backups are run hourly and will merge to different times spread across the 30 day retention period so it should work out to:

  • 24 hourly backups
  • 7 daily backups
  • 5 weekly backups
  • 2 monthly backups

You can view our guides for working with Acronis to Restoring Site Files and Restoring Databases on the links provided.

Legacy services – “EW” and “BW” plan types

For Legacy EW and BW plans we do take backups of all cPanel web hosting services for disaster recovery purposes up to a 10gb limit. These backups are able to be made available to clients as well for a small fee in the unlikely event they are required.

Synergy Wholesale advises that at no points are our own system backups to be relied upon. All partners should be taking and storing their own backups on a remote host or local computer. For more details on cPanel’s backup tools please see our article on cPanel Backups.

At this time we currently take and store a daily and a weekly backup; so a maximum of two backup options are available at any one time:

  • Daily: Typically taken between 11pm and 5am, each nights backup run replaces the previous nights.
  • Weekly: This is anywhere between 2 and 7 days old, on any given night (random per server) during the week the weekly archive will be replaced with a daily and then stored for the next 7 days.
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