How do I order a cPanel web hosting service?

Category: Getting Started

Synergy Wholesale offers the ability to create your own product tiers of web hosting packages which cater to differing service levels; Before ordering a new cPanel web hosting service you’ll need to set up packages through the Synergy Wholesale System.

Once done new accounts can be created via Synergy directly, over our API or even our WHMCS plugin. To purchase a new cPanel Hosting Service through the Synergy Wholesale System please follow these steps:

  1. Login to the Synergy Wholesale System.
  2. In your menu click Hosting and select Purchase.
  3. Choose your preferred hosting product and package you’ve created previously.
  4. Confirm the details on the overview presented to you and enter the domain name to be used with the hosting service.
  5. Click Purchase.

Once the service is purchased it will be provisioned to a hosting server. Management options will then be made available via the menu under Hosting > Manage.