How do I update the nameservers on a domain name?

Category: DNS

Setting nameservers on your domain name through the Synergy Wholesale System is designed to be an easy process, but it can be completed in various ways with various differing functions.

Updating your nameservers on a single domain

To update the nameservers on just one domain:

  1. Login to your Synergy Wholesale System account.
  2. Using the menu select Domain Names and click Manage.
  3. Select your domain and in the dropdown options click Nameservers.

Within this section of your Synergy Wholesale System you will be able to adjust your “Nameserver Option” allowing you to change between:

  • Parked – to display a custom set park page
  • URL & Email Forwarding – to make use of this included functionality
  • DNS Hosting – to use the Synergy Wholesale DNS functionality to create custom A, CNAME, MX, SRV and TXT records
  • Wholesale Hosting – to set the nameservers to point to the Synergy Wholesale hosting servers
  • Custom Nameservers – to set external nameservers

If you’re simply setting nameservers to point the domain at a hosting service externally, selecting “Custom Nameservers” and clicking update is the correct action. This will reload the page where the nameservers can then be set and saved.

Bulk updating nameservers on multiple domain names

To update the nameservers on multiple domain names, this is made possible using the bulk management tools:

  1. Login to your Synergy Wholesale System account.
  2. Using the menu select Domain Names and click Bulk Manage.
  3. Select either “Select specific domains” or “All domains”; the latter will force the change across all domains within your account.
  4. Follow the prompts.

In both cases, once your domain list has been selected you will be able to choose Nameservers as your bulk option, proceed using the Perform Bulk Changes button, enter the nameservers you wish to set and click Update Nameservers. The changes will then be applied across all domain names selected.

The bulk update function doesn’t support applying DNS Hosting or URL & Email Forwarding.

If you need assistance managing your nameservers, feel free to get in touch with our Support team via a Support Request, Live Chat, or by calling us on 03 8399 9483.

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