How do I use PHP Selector on a Business service?

Category: Advanced

An important feature of our Business web hosting services is the use of LiteSpeed Web Server as a better performing web server alternative. In the event you wish to use PHP Selector on your LiteSpeed based Business service to select a non-default PHP version, you’ll need to make a few small changes to your hosting environment.

If you have enabled PHP Selector please open your .htaccess (typically found in /public_html) for editing. Please remove any setENV or PHPRC lines which may exist; then add the following line:

AddType application/x-httpd-php53 php53 php

What this additional line will do is ensure LiteSpeed loads an alternate PHP configuration which is suitable for use with the PHPSelector. You will then need to ensure you have no php.ini files contained anywhere within your /public_html or sub-folders.

Please note Apache based Economy cPanel web hosting services do not require the AddType directive above.