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Installatron is returning a PHP error, what do I do?

Category: Troubleshooting

If Installatron returns an error similar to this “Installatron cannot install to an account that is having PHP errors. Please contact your provider” this can be caused by a number of things.

  1. You have a .htaccess in your /public_html folder (or possibly even above that) which is redirecting all requests for files and directories into another application already installed.
  2. You have a .htaccess which has legacy ‘php_flag’ values uncommented in it – suPHP doesn’t allow php_flag values in .htaccess files on our server so move all of your php_flag values to a php.ini file instead.
  3. The permissions on your account are incorrect (this can happen if you manually set permissions on files via FTP or SSH access); your public_html should be set to a chmod file permission set of 750.

If your issues are still unresolved please lodge a new support request through your Synergy Wholesale System account.

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