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Is remote MySQL access supported?

Category: MySQL

Yes, remote MySQL access is supported for the purposes of assisting in development from your local PC using a database manager such as Navicat or Dreamweaver. To enable Remote MySQL access please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Synergy Wholesale System account.
  2. Using the menu select Hosting and click Manage.
  3. Select the applicable hosting service and in the drop-down options click “Configure” >> “External MySQL Access”.
  4. This page will confirm all of your MySQL connection information you should note down.
  5. Under “IP Addresses Allowed” you will find an option to Add a New IP Address, please complete this with the correct IP to provide access through our firewall.
  6. Once you have allowed your IP Address access through your Synergy Wholesale System account please login to your cPanel.
  7. Click the Remote MySQL” icon.
  8. Add your IP Address to this page as well to facilitate access on the database side.

Once you have completed those steps, you will be able to access MySQL remotely from the IP Address you designated. You will be required to authenticate with the database username and password. Please be aware of using a dynamic IP Address on your internet connection, access will cease upon an IP change and the steps will need to be re-completed.

If you’re having any trouble managing your remote MySQL access, feel free to contact our Support team via a Support Request, Live Chat or by calling us on 03 8399 9483.

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