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Managing your account type

Accounts can be set to either individual or business accounts. The account type impacts the ownership of the account and recovery methods available should an account recovery be necessary.

Which one should I use?

Individual: Recommend for sole traders and partners that wish to solely own their account. during a recovery the listed primary user will be used to authenticate ownership over the account.
Business: Recommend where multiple users are involved and/or where an IT team manage the account, but the business should retain final ownership of the account. The ABN/ACN supplied will be the owner of the account and those details would be used during a potential recovery.

How do I check or change my account type?

You can view and alter the current set type of your account here.

Can I switch between the two? 

You can change your account type from Individual to Business at any stage, it can be switched back to individual however please note once you have changed your account type to Business, you will need to submit a Support Request to our ‘Billing‘ team if you wish to update your information or change your account type back to Individual, to ensure the ownership is protected.

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