Our WHMCS modules now support WHMCS v6!

Category: Announcements

We are pleased to announce that our latest WHMCS modules now include full support for WHMCS v6. This includes our Domains module, SSL Certificate module and our Hosting Services module.

All module names (except for the SSL Certificate module due to a technical limitation) have also been updated to Synergy Wholesale.

For access to the new WHMCS modules, please navigate to the Synergy Wholesale system, click on Account Functions and select API Information. Please ensure you are using the latest version downloadable via the Synergy Wholesale system and not the default one included with WHMCS.

The SSL Certificate module name will be updated to Synergy Wholesale in the coming weeks, however a full migration plan needs to be established to ensure continued operation for existing services before we are able to complete this change.

The full changelog for our modules can be found online on our help center guide.