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Process for WHMCS Bug Reporting/Feature Requesting

Bug Reporting

In order for our team to provide as much triage information as possible, we ask for the following information when reporting bugs in our WHMCS modules. Having these details should prevent the need for us to require WHMCS login details to review the issue:

  • The module affected and its version. (Example screenshot shown below)

  • A screenshot with the bug clearly highlighted/pointed out if possible.

Full browser screenshots are the most important part of these reports, as it provides us with the complete picture of the issue. Typically, we would require:

  • Client area

  • WHMCS Admin area


  • A detailed description of the bug/functionality expected
  • Any logs that made have been made when hitting an ‘Oops an error occurred’ screen, these logs are typically found here: {your_whmcs_instance}/error_log
  • If necessary, WHMCS username and password to allow our team to attempt to replicate the issue

Note – Once our team has received these details, they’ll verify the bug themselves and report it internally. After our development team has released the fix for your reported bug, our support team will contact you to let you know that it was fixed in the latest release.


Requesting Features

In order for our team to provide our development team with the best feature request possible, we’ll require the following:

  1. The WHMCS module you wish to add a feature to
  2. An outline of the feature you wish to have our team implement

Note – Feature requests are not typically given an ETA upon submission.

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