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Registry reports - Object does not exist

Category: Domain Names

When you register a domain name and have nameservers where the domain name/extension of that nameserver are operated by the same registry, the registry will attempt to validate the hosts internally. If they don’t exist, you get the error “Registry reports – Object does not exist”.

For example; I want to register “” with the nameservers “” and “” If those nameservers do not exist as child/registry hosts on I will receive the error “Registry reports – Object does not exist”.

However, if I were to register “” with the same nameservers (“” and “”), the registration would succeed. This is because the registry operator of .COM (Verisign) does not validate that the nameservers exist because they do not operate the .NET.AU extension.


Put simply – if this is an error you’re receiving when attempting to register a domain name, please ensure that the nameservers you’re using to register the domain have valid registry hosts setup

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