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Resolving Priority Category 1 .au direct domain applications

Category: Domain Names

There are instances where multiple registrants have applied for a Priority Category 1 application for the same domain name in the .au direct namespace.

Where two or more registrants have all applied for the same domain, the applicants must negotiate between themselves to determine who will be allocated the .au direct domain name.

You can use the Priority Status Tool to determine which domain names have applied for the .au direct name.

Each applicant’s registrant contact email address can be found in the auDA WHOIS database.

The .au direct domain name will remain on Priority Hold until all but one application has been withdrawn.

What happens when the registrants reach an agreement?

When all the applicants reach an agreement on who will be allocated the .au direct domain name, the registrants who will not obtain the domain name need to withdraw their application on the auDA Priority tool.

Once all other applications have been declined, the winning applicant will be allocated their domain name within 24 hours.

What if the registrants do not reach an agreement?

If an agreement can not be reached, then the .au direct domain will remain on priority hold.

To remain in contention, all applicants must renew their .au direct application each year. If applicants do not renew their application before it expires, they will lose the application, and the remaining applicants remain in the running to obtain the .au direct domain name.

When only one applicant is remaining, they will be allocated the .au direct domain name.

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