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Scheduled database maintenance for 29 March 2015

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There is important database maintenance that is scheduled to be completed on Sunday, 29 March 2015 from 12:00am through to 2:00am.

During the maintenance window above, there will be no access to the Synergy Wholesale Management System, the Synergy Wholesale API, all WHMCS modules or any of your domain name records that are stored with Synergy Wholesale. Also our port 53 and web-based WHOIS server will also be offline.

All Synergy Wholesale clients will not be able to register, manage or transfer any new or existing domain names; create, renew or manage new or existing SSL certificates; nor send any new SMS messages for this two hour period.

Whilst this outage will impact most aspects of the Synergy Wholesale system, it’s important to note that DNS resolution of any domain names held with us along with any web hosting services will not be affected and will continue to function as normal during this scheduled maintenance.

Whilst we appreciate and understand that this maintenance may come at a small inconvenience for some of our clients, we will be moving the Synergy Wholesale database to a clustered environment in order to provide continued reliability and performance from our management interface, API and WHMCS modules.

Further technical information on the clustered solution we’re using, our implementation and research we completed before this undertaking will be posted on the blog in the coming weeks.

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