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Why am I seeing a 'Too many $_POST Requests' message?

For your security, if you attempt to send too many post requests to any part of the Synergy Wholesale System, you will be presented with an error message stating ‘Too many $_POST Requests’ with a Captcha shown.

We have this measure in place to protect against hacking attempts know as brute-force form post attacks. In most cases, these originate by automated bots, so in order to validate yourself as a human, you will need to enter the short Captcha code. On successful entry of the Captcha code, you will be able to access the system again.

What is the most common cause for this?

The most common cause for tripping this security sensor is searching for domains in quick succession, which can tend to look like it is being performed by a bot. If you see the message, simply enter the Captcha code and you’ll be good to go once again!

What is the purpose of the Captcha code?

As most brute-force post requests originate from bot-based attacks, we implement a Captcha-code based protection system so that should you be blocked due to too many $_POST requests, simply enter the Captcha code (proving yourself as a real person, and not a bot) and you’ll be unblocked. Alternatively, you can wait for the ban to expire (the time is shown at the bottom).

I’m seeing this message often, what can I do to stop it?

The message means that you’re submitting too many forms quickly. This can be that you’re using the search function quickly, and constantly changing the variables without waiting for results to load. This behaviour is similar to how a brute force bot would act. We suggest slowing down when searching, letting the results load completely. If you continue to be blocked while using the system, please contact us via Secure Message through the Wholesale System and we can closely investigate why you’re constantly tripping the sensor and work with you to prevent it from happening in future.

I’ve tried entering the Captcha code, but it’s coming back as being incorrect?

Sometimes it can be hard to read the Captcha code, so please try again. If you continue to have issues, please wait for the ban to expire and you will be able to access the Wholesale System again.

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