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How to test a website using your computer's hosts file
This method involves making a small adjustment to your computer's Hosts file. Doing this will essentially trick your ...
How long does DNS propagation take to complete?
DNS propagation, the process of DNS updating to reflect newly entered values actually doesn't have a set time ...
How do I enable DNS hosting on my domain name registrations?
Within your Synergy Wholesale System account, you will find an array of DNS Hosting options to set up ...
What is DNS and how does it work?
The term DNS stands for Domain Name System. It is used over the internet as a directory system, ...
How do I update the nameservers on a domain name?
Setting nameservers on your domain name through the Synergy Wholesale System is designed to be an easy process, ...
How do I register a Registry Host or glue record?
Synergy Wholesale supports the creation of Registry Hosts (also referred to as glue records, custom nameservers or child ...
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