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Updating contact information on a .UK domain
In order to update contact information on your domain(s) it needs to be done from an account ...
.au domain name life cycle
Registration New .au domain names can be registered for a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 5 years. ...
Will I need to pay to transfer my domain names to Synergy Wholesale?
Sometimes. Different domain extensions are managed by different registries, and depending on how that registry processes transfers, you ...
Why is Synergy Wholesale showing up as the domain registrar in a WHOIS lookup?
If you've registered your domain name and are wondering why Synergy Wholesale is appearing in the WHOIS lookup ...
How to transfer a single domain name into your Synergy Wholesale account
If you want to transfer multiple domain names at once, please follow our guide on how to do ...
How do internal transfers work?
Sometimes a domain name you want to transfer is be registered with us, but under another Synergy Wholesale ...
Setting up a whitelabel domain name interface
Setting up a whitelabel interface for domain names with Synergy Wholesale is fairly easy. All you need to ...
Enabling HTTPS for Synergy Wholesale partner domain name transfer and COR interfaces
Synergy Wholesale partners can now enable HTTPS for domain name transfer and COR interfaces on their own whitelabel ...
What do the domain statuses mean?
Shown below are the statuses you can expect to see for domain registrations, transfers and management along with ...
How do I view a list of domain name related emails which have been sent to my client?
Within the Synergy Wholesale System you're able to see full email logs which detail the emails which have ...
How do I manage a domain name?
The Synergy Wholesale System is the most powerful domain management interface for wholesale clients. It will allow you ...
How do I setup a Parked Domain page?
A Parked Domain page can be set up for domain names which don't need to point anywhere and ...
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