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Registry reports - Object does not exist
When you register a domain name and have nameservers where the domain name/extension of that nameserver are ...
How long does a domain transfer take?
When transferring a domain from another provider/registrar there is generally a wait time until it completes. Throughout ...
What is the life cycle of a domain name and it's expiration process?
The following graphic shows the life cycle of a typical domain registration extension (gTLD) through its active state ...
How long does it take to register a domain name?
In most cases domain name registrations are completed instantly; this relies on the supply of correct information at ...
My domain name is in a Redemption status, how do I renew it?
When a gTLD such as a .com, .net or .org has been expired for some time, typically 40 days, ...
A domain name has stopped working and it's status is clientHold, what does this mean?
When a domain slips into a clientHold status on the domain whois, this means it has expired and ...
How do I renew a domain name?
Domain names may be renewed through the Synergy Wholesale System interface: Login to your Synergy Wholesale System account. ...
What happens if I enable auto renew on a domain name within 2 weeks of expiry?
If auto renew is enabled on a domain within 14 days of it's expiry, it will not process before ...
How do I disable auto-renew on a domain name?
To disable auto-renew on a domain which currently has it enabled: Log in to your Synergy Wholesale System ...
What is a domain name auto renewal?
Domain name auto renewal allows you to setup your registrations to renew automatically without manually actioning it. Domain ...
How do I enable auto-renew on a domain name?
Enabling auto-renew on a domain name is easily completed through the Synergy Wholesale System: Log in to your ...
How do I remain informed of expiring domain name registrations?
Staying informed of expiring domain name registrations in your account is easy with Synergy Wholesale. When domain expiry ...
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