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Whois Data Verification

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Updating contact information on a .UK domain
In order to update contact information on your domain(s) it needs to be done from an account ...
Do unverified domain name registrations still renew?
Yes, if auto-renew is enabled on your domain name registration, it will continue to renew even if it's ...
What do I do if a domain name has been suspended for failure to complete Registrant verification?
The suspension of the domain name will be removed after the Registrant data has been successfully verified. You ...
Can you tell me more about the verification notices?
Where the Registrant verification process commences, a number of emails will be sent out to the Registrant email ...
What is the process for Registrant verification?
When a new domain name is purchased,  an existing domain name is transferred or the Registrant Firstname, Lastname ...
What triggers Registrant verification?
Whois validation, as explained in 'What is Whois data verification?', is triggered upon the following: The registration ...
What is Registrant data verification?
In 2014, new regulations were introduced by Internet Corporation of Assigned Names & Numbers (ICANN) requiring domain registrars to ...
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