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Microsoft 365

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Transferring an existing Microsoft 365 subscription to Synergy Wholesale
If you want to manage your Microsoft 365 subscription/s with Synergy Wholesale instead of where they are currently ...
Microsoft 365 with Synergy Wholesale
You can now create and manage your Microsoft 365 subscriptions with Synergy Wholesale! We have created a number of ...
Microsoft 365 products
Synergy Wholesale offers a range of Microsoft 365 services that are perfect for business use. As a partner, you ...
Creating a Microsoft 365 client
To order a Microsoft 365 subscription, you will first need to have a client for that subscription set up ...
Ordering a Microsoft 365 subscription
Ordering a Microsoft 365 subscription with Synergy Wholesale begins by creating a client within the Microsft 365 section of the ...
Configuring Microsoft 365
Once you have ordered your Microsoft 365 subscription(s),  the next step is setting up your Microsoft 365 environment. Microsoft ...
Managing Microsoft 365 subscriptions
The Synergy Wholesale Management System supplies you with high-level management features for your Microsoft 365 subscriptions: Add/Remove Seats ...
How do I cancel a Microsoft 365 subscription?
Cancelling a Microsoft 365 subscription is an entirely automated process; you may complete this via the Synergy Wholesale Management ...
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