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Troubleshooting "error establishing database connection" on a WordPress site
There are a few reasons that you might receive an "error establishing database connection" message from your WordPress ...
Using Memcached, Redis and other object caching services
Our web hosting services don't have Memcached, Redis, or any other object caching service installed. However, we do ...
Can I provide my clients with SSH access?
Yes, you can. To enable jailed SSH access on a per-service basis you may do so via the ...
Is it possible to block certain IP's from reaching a website?
Yes it is possible to block certain IP's from reaching a website; this may include bots or individuals ...
How do I use PHP Selector on a Business service?
An important feature of our Business web hosting services is the use of LiteSpeed Web Server as a ...
Can the PHP configuration be changed?
Yes you can change the configuration of the PHP environment through the use of the PHP Selector on ...
What is the maximum frequency which can be set for cron jobs?
When configuring your new cron job, please consider the maximum allowed frequency as stated within the Synergy Wholesale ...
How do I create a cron job?
To create a cron job in cPanel is quite easy, yet it provides excellent functionality by allowing the ...
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