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Reset password for cPanel email mailboxes
Email passwords for cPanel mailboxes can be updated and reset by following the steps below. Log in to ...
Security and TLS Compliance for hosting services
From 2021, all of Synergy Wholesale hosting services are now compliant with the latest Payment Card Industry Data Security ...
Problems sending email to Hotmail addresses
The following information is for customers who may be experiencing problems sending emails to Hotmail users. Can you ...
How do I create an auto responder?
The auto-responder in cPanel allows you to automatically send response messages. This can be useful when the recipient ...
How do I setup a catch-all email address?
A catch-all (default) email address in cPanel is an address that will 'catch' any mail that is sent ...
I'm having email delivery issues, why is an email not being sent or received?
If you're having issues with sending an email to a particular individual, or an email isn't coming through ...
How do I find email headers?
Email headers can be very important in understanding any email delays or bouncebacks. Email headers will often provide ...
How do I setup email forwarding?
Within your cPanel hosting service you are able to setup an email forward, either to another ...
I am receiving an outgoing mail server error and cannot send emails, what do I do?
Typically outgoing mail server errors indicate an issue with sending email; this is often the result of a ...
How do I access webmail?
Webmail access is available with cPanel hosting services where email accounts have been created. First, make sure your ...
How do I create an email account?
Email accounts are created through the cPanel interface, the steps to do this are: Login to cPanel. Go ...
What are the configuration details for setting up my email account on my computer or mobile device?
To setup your email account in your email application you're often best to run through it's email account ...
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