Domain Name Recovery

Having trouble contacting your service provider?


Use our Domain Name Recovery tool to perform a search for any inaccessible domain names and if one of our Partners manage the domain, you will be provided with all the associated contact details and relevant recovery options.

Domain Name
Manual Verification
Domain Name
Not Available
Registrant Email Address
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First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
ZIP Code/Postcode
Please attach any relevant and required documentation.
* Asterisks indicate required documentation.
Photo Identification*
We are required to verify your identity in order to recover the domain name
Proof of Ownership
This will be an invoice that verifies you have paid for the domain and is used to validate that you are the holder of the domain name licence.
ABN/ACN Documentation
This is used to verify that you are the ABN Holder for the ABN associated with the domain name you're trying to recover.
Statutory Declaration*
A statutory declaration is used to verify that the domain name recovery request is a legitimate request and that you have authority over the domain name.