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Transferring an existing Microsoft 365 tenant to Synergy Wholesale

Category: Microsoft 365

Synergy Wholesale is currently working on a new automated process where you can transfer existing Microsoft 365 tenants/clients to Synergy Wholesale.

In the meantime, this process is manually handled by the Billing department via Support Request from within the Synergy Wholesale Management System. Note, at no point will you be required to supply us with any passwords to complete this transfer and there is no downtime involved when completing this transfer.

The process involves Synergy Wholesale receiving permission to order new subscriptions on behalf of the tenant/client.

Important points to note

  • This process will not take over the existing billing you have with your current provider, it will only allow us to order new/additional licenses for your tenant.
  • This process will not automatically cancel the billing side of things with your original provider.
    • Once the below process is finalised, you must cancel your original ones with your existing provider.

1. Submitting your support request

When submitting your support request to the Billing department, inform the team that you would like to transfer an existing Microsoft 365 tenant to Synergy Wholesale.

So the Billing department can submit a transfer request, they will also need the following information:

  • Tenant/Client First Name:
  • Tenant/Client Last Name:
  • Tenant/Client email address:
  • Tenant/Client contact number:
  • Tenant/Client Microsoft Domain – i.e (This is nice to have but not necessary for us to proceed).

2. Tenant connection request

Once you have supplied our team with the above-mentioned information, they will then be able to make a request with our subscription distributor to gain access to the subscription management of your tenant.

Once our team has made the request, they will supply you with a link you/your customer needs to click when logged in to their admin centre for Microsoft 365 (

When visiting that link, you will then supply permission to our Microsoft 365 distributor ‘Rhipe’ to manage your tenant. Permission will need to be supplied to continue with the transfer.

Once permission is established, please notify our team that you have supplied permission. Our team will then be able to get your tenant added to the Synergy Wholesale Management system.

3. Ordering replacement subscriptions

Now that your tenant has been added to the Synergy Wholesale Management System, you can now be able to manage your tenant/client from the Microsoft 365 section of the Synergy Wholesale Management Section. This will be where you can purchase new subscriptions for your tenant.

4. Cancelling your original subscriptions

At this point, you should now have all of the replacement subscriptions you need ordered via the Synergy Wholesale Management System and your original subscriptions from your past provider are still active.

This is when you need to organise that the original subscriptions do not automatically renew and expire at the end of their existing commitment term. When the subscriptions expire, your tenant’s seats/accounts will automatically shift to the new replacement subscriptions you ordered with Synergy Wholesale.

It is recommended that you let the tenant seats/accounts automatically shift over to the new replacement subscriptions instead of manually switching them via the Admin Centre to avoid any service interruption.

If you’re having trouble managing your Microsoft 365 subscription with us, please don’t hesitate to contact our Support team via a Support Request.



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