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Transferring your VentraIP domain names to Synergy Wholesale

Category: Domain Names

If you have taken the next step in your business and have moved from VentraIP to Synergy Wholesale, you may have a number of domain names that remain with VentraIP. We can instantly transfer those domains from your VentraIP account to your Synergy Wholesale account at no charge with your permission.

To arrange this, you’ll need to export your active domain name information to a CSV file which will contain the expiry date, domain name password (EPP) and nameservers of each entry.

  1. Log in to VIPControl.
  2. Using the Menu click Domains and select Manage.
  3. Click More options and then Export domain names in the top-right corner of your domains list.
  4. Under “EXPORT TO” select Download to a CSV (Synergy Wholesale)
  5. Submit bulk transfer using CSV. (Learn how to submit a bulk domain name transfer in your Synergy Wholesale Account here.)

Please note: Only active domain names here will be exported.

Read more about exporting domain names from within VIPControl here.

The Bulk Domain Transfer option in the Wholesale System allows for multiple domain names to be submitted for transfer in a single process, without the need to enter the information for each domain one by one.

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