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What do the domain statuses mean?

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Shown below are the statuses you can expect to see for domain registrations, transfers and management along with their meaning:

Domain Status
Approved for registration Registration has eligibility check and is pending registration
auDRP Complaint auDRP complaint exists for this domain name and cannot be managed
auLOCKDOWN Active The domain has auLOCKDOWN active and cannot be managed
auLOCKDOWN Pending Disable The domain is pending auLOCKDOWN to be manually disabled and cannot be managed
auLOCKDOWN Pending Enable The domain is pending auLOCKDOWN to be manually enabled and cannot be managed
Awaiting Database Refresh Transfer has completed at the registry and is being acknowledged by our systems
Awaiting Email Confirmation Awaiting confirmation from the registrant to approve the transfer
Awaiting Existing Registrar Push Existing .UK registrar is yet to push the domain name to our tag
Awaiting Manual Verification Transfer failed and will require manual intervention
Awaiting Refresh Transfer has been manually approved from the existing registrar and is being processed
Cancelled Transfer has been cancelled by reseller or Synergy Wholesale staff
Checking Registrant Email Address Registrant email wasn’t able to be obtained automatically, manual lookup required
Checking Registrant Email Address (ack’ed) We are attempting to lookup the Registrant email (third party WHOIS may be unavailable)
Client Update Prohibited Registry status prevents updates to be performed
Contact Verification required in x days The WHOIS Registrant contact dataset has not been verified by the Registrant contact. Read more about WHOIS Data Verification.
Deleted Domain has been deleted at the registry by request of the Registrant
Deleted for Policy Violation Used for .au domain names that breach or don’t meet .au policy/eligibility
Dropped from Registry Domain has been dropped at the registry and is no longer registered
Expired Domain has expired but may be available for renewal
Failed Registration has failed and will require intervention
Internal Lock The domain name has been locked by Synergy Wholesale to prevent all updates
Locked at Registry Domain has been locked by the registry operator
Outbound Approved Where a domain outbound transfer has been client approved we use this status
Outbound Transfer Cancelled Transfer has been cancelled at the requesting registrar
Pending Delete / Release at Registry Grace period hasn’t passed for the domain to be permanently deleted at the registry
Pending Eligibility Review Pending eligibility check before registration is performed
Pending Redemption Restore Status used to hold domain names prior to the redemption restore being completed
Pending Registry Completion Transfer is pending completion to our registry account
Pending Registry Update Mainly used for COR requests on .au domains within 90 days of registration
Processing registration Domain registration is processing and will be active within minutes
Redemption Grace Period Restore is available from redemption during this period
Registered Live and Manageable
Registration Cancelled Domain name registration has been cancelled
Registration Rejected & Pending Registration rejected due to ineligible Registrant details
Registry Transfer Locked This status applies to newly created gTLD domain names (registrations within 60 days)
Server Hold Domain name cannot be updated, deleted, renewed, transferred
Transfer Approval Time Out Registrant didn’t respond within 14 days to approve the transfer
Transfer Prohibited Outbound transfer isn’t available during this status (also known as registrar lock)
Transfer Rejected by Current Registrar Existing registrar has rejected the inbound transfer
Transfer Rejected by Registry Transfer has been rejected by the losing registrar
Transferred Away Domain has been transferred to another registrar
Transferring Away Outbound transfer request has been received from another registrar
Unknown Domain status is unknown and will be checked by a member of staff
XXX Membership Pending Pending .XXX membership token to be provided (domain won’t resolve)
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