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Dedicated Email Hosting Records (MX + SPF)

Please note: These instructions are for Dedicated Email Hosting services only. If you have a cPanel service your MX and SPF records should already be configured for you.

MX Records

The MX record controls where mail is delivered for your domain name. (Priority 10) (Priority 10) (Priority 20) (Priority 30)

Understanding Priorities

The Priority column shows the relative priorities of the Synergy Wholesale dedicated incoming mail scanning nodes, which then relay forward to your specific Email Hosting server that you’re hosted from. Mail is delivered to the node with the highest priority first. If for some reason that server isn’t available, mail is delivered to the server with the next highest priority, and so on through all your the servers. Priority values don’t have to be exactly like those shown above and some DNS hosting providers will present the information differently.

SPF Record

The SPF record is an open standard specifying a technical method to prevent sender address forgery. More precisely, the current version of SPF – protects the envelope sender address, which is used for the delivery of messages.

"v=spf1 +a +mx ~all"

To authorize additional mail servers, add the server’s IP address before just before the ~all argument of either of the SPF records above, in the format of ip4:address or ip6:address.

Please note:  Multiple SPF records are not recommended and may cause delivery and spam classification issues.  If you need to authorise more than one mail server for your domain, we recommend that you update your existing SPF record instead of creating multiple records. This SPF record is for our dedicated email hosting. SPF records for shared hosting will differ.

For more information on SPF records, please read more.

  • If the DNS is managed via our Free DNS hosting service, you can utilise the following article to walk you through the process of adding these records to your DNS.
  • If the DNS is managed via a cPanel service hosted with us, you can utilise the following article to walk you through the process of adding these records to your DNS.
  • If the  DNS is managed via a third party you will need contact that provider and ask them to set these records for you.

If you need any assistance whilst setting up your records, feel free to get in touch with us via a Support Request, Live Chat or over the phone on 03 8399 9483.

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