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Starting out with Synergy Wholesale

Category: Getting Started

Welcome to Synergy Wholesale, as your new wholesale partner we would like to give you a basic run through of the systems to get you started. We’re constantly adapting to meet the needs of our clients, so if at any stage you have an idea or just need a hand with something, please reach out to us.

The Synergy Wholesale System is your one stop shop to hundreds of different functions to manage all of your services:

  • Registering, transferring, renewing and managing your domain name registrations.
  • Bulk management of your domain name registrations to make changes quickly.
  • Purchasing and managing cPanel web hosting services.
  • Purchasing and managing SSL certificates.
  • Managing your Synergy Wholesale account financials, viewing invoices and transactions.
  • Getting your access information for the Synergy Wholesale API, or downloading the WHMCS plugins for turn-key integration.
  • Seeking support via Support Request submission.

Here are three basic actions to get you started:

Logging into your Synergy Wholesale System

The Synergy Wholesale System has been built from the ground up with the focus of delivering our product to you. It allows you to manage all of your Synergy Wholesale services such as domain names, cPanel web hosting services, SSL certificates and your support needs. To access your account please go to the Login Page.

Bookmark the page for ease of access in the future.

Adding funds to your account

You probably want to add some funds to your account to get the ball rolling, this is a really easy process. Once you have logged into your Synergy Wholesale System click the Top Up option on the top left. This will bring you to a Refill Account page where you select the amount you would like to add, then proceed through to the invoice where you will be able to pay immediately via Credit Card and PayPal, or using BPay.

Getting Support from our team

On occasion you may need to contact our Support or Billing team for assistance with your services. In your left hand menu you will see the “Support Centre” section, select this and click New Request. This will allow you to lodge a support request with our team and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

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    Due to the nature of our services as a wholesale provider, we do restrict full pricing from being released. You can request a sample pricing guide to give you some insight as to what you can look forward to by becoming a partner with Synergy Wholesale.
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