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Managing your hosting services
The Synergy Wholesale Management System is the gateway to managing all of your wholesale services. With the Synergy ...
What inclusions come with Synergy Wholesale hosting?
Some of the awesome features on all of our shared hosting accounts include: Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Email Accounts ...
How to migrate your website(s) to Synergy Wholesale
What can we do? Synergy Wholesale provides a free migration service, where we can move website files, databases ...
How to create a hosting plan and service
We allow you to create your own hosting packages and assign them to new cPanel accounts. Creating a ...
Where are the Synergy Wholesale servers located?
All of the Synergy Wholesale servers are located in the NextDC Data Centers in Macquarie Park, Sydney.
How do I change the hosting plan of a cPanel service?
cPanel web hosting services which are already active may be upgraded or downgraded as required through the Synergy ...
How do I reset a cPanel password?
Resetting of a cPanel password in the event it has been forgotten may be completed either via the ...
What happens when a cPanel web hosting service reaches it's bandwidth limit?
If your cPanel service goes over the assigned bandwidth limit, it will be suspended by the system automatically.  ...
How do I install Wordpress?
Wordpress is a very powerful PHP-based CMS which makes managing your website easy with a raft of plugins, ...
How do I install Joomla?
Joomla is a very powerful PHP-based CMS which makes managing your website easy with a raft of plugins, ...
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