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Managing your billing with Synergy Wholesale
We've made a range of articles to assist you in becoming more familiar with our billing system and ...
How to Automatically Refill Synergy Account
We allow you to setup automated payments to refill your account, currently this is only available for credit ...
Setting up monthly automated transaction reports
The Synergy Wholesale Management System enables you to set up an automated monthly email containing a list of ...
Where do I view the pricing overview?
You may find an overview of the prices for all services with your Synergy Wholesale System account: Login ...
How do I pay my invoice?
For all invoices we support three payment methods: Credit Card - VISA, Mastercard and American Express PayPal BPay ...
Where can I view my invoices?
To view your invoice history: Login to your Synergy Wholesale System account. In your menu select Financial and ...
How do I request a refund?
For the most part, refunds are not applicable with the services we have on offer. Domain name registrations ...
How do I view my history of account top-ups/refills?
Within your Synergy Wholesale System account you are able to see a history of each of your account ...
How do I top up my account with prepaid credit?
Topping up your account with prepaid credit is very easy and it supports payments via Credit Card, PayPal ...
How do I setup my default payment method?
Within your Wholesale System account you can adjust your default payment method for automated refills upon balance alerts. ...
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