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How does the Wholesale System search work?

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The Synergy Wholesale System utilises a smart search system allowing you to check multiple product types with one easy click. At the top of the Wholesale System menu you will see a search box; enter your query in this box to search domain names, hosting services, SSL certificates, and transactions that reside within your account.

Upon completing the search you will be presented with a page showing the search query at the top and a toggle highlight option which bold’s the matched keyword from your search. As you progress down the page it will show you all matching entries for the following:

  • Domain Name Registrations
  • Pending Domain Name Registrations
  • Domain Name Transfers
  • SSL Certificates
  • Hosting Services
  • Transactions

For any of these options, clicking on the desired result will drop-down management or further information options.

Advanced Search

The search tool also has some useful functions, such as the ability to search for all entries ending with a certain string of text.

Here are all of the special search functions you can use:

Search Type Prefix Suffix Wrap Example What does it do?
Global Searches everything
Exact Match Searches things only matching the following keywords
Ends With ~ .com~ Searches things ending in .com
Starts With ~ ~potato Searches things starting with “potato”
Domain domain: Only searches domain names for the provided string
Hosting hosting: Only searches hosting service domain names for the provided string
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