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Why am I seeing a 'You have been blocked for too many failed attempts' message?

In the interests of providing protection to your Wholesale System account, we implement brute force protections to block users who have failed repeated login attempts. If you fail to login five times within a consecutive minute, you may be temporarily blocked from logging in. If this occurs you will be presented with a notice saying you have been blocked for too many attempts and the time at which the block will be lifted.

This is a security mechanism which protects your account from bot hacking attempts through brute force attempts. This is a practice where bots may attempt to access accounts by attempting to use common dictionary words as a users password in the hope that one will be correct and unlawful access will be granted to the account.

I’ve been blocked and I urgently need to access my Wholesale System account?

The block message you see will show the time at which you will again be able to login again. However we understand sometimes things are quite urgent, so you may email if you require the block urgently lifted.

I have never seen this message before, is my account not secure?

We have our metrics as such that a regular user who gets their password incorrect shouldn’t see this message. We’ve tuned the system to focus on brute force attacks, but some users may see the message if they trip our sensors.

I’ve forgotten my password and I saw this message, what do I do now?

If you have forgotten your password, please use the links to reset your password to prevent your computer being blocked again.


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